Finance Consulting Service

Finance Consulting Service

Complete organisational and technical management of consulting services in the field of Consumer Credit.

The specialised consulting offered by UNIMATICA-RGI includes:

  • Design activities
  • Application Management Service


The services are provided both on the customer's premises and in the company's laboratories.


Design activities

Our consultants, with more than 10 years of experience in the field and in project management, provide continuous support in:

  • Understanding and analysing the requirements expressed by customers.
  • Defining the technical aspects of the assigned projects, identifying the scope and estimating the necessary resources (human, goods and services), the activity milestones (intermediate and final) and their operating margins.
  • Carrying out the activities and ensuring compliance with the times, financial margins and quality expected.
  • Interacting with customers (even potential ones), noting new business opportunities and improvements to existing ones.
  • Verifying the level of customer satisfaction, taking the actions necessary to improve it.
  • Upgrading processes and documentation.


Application Management

Thanks to many years of experience in consumer credit applications, in particular the OCS package, the Application Management service is able to autonomously manage ordinary operations. It deals with software maintenance, keeping applications up to date and functioning correctly based on predefined and shared "rules" and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

The installation and maintenance of software is carried out with professionalism and experience, guaranteeing the customer the agreed level of service.