PEC legal preservation

Folder management system for contracts, documents and attachments, digital signatures and legally-compliant archiving

UniFolder is a document management application that can be used to handle documents created and structured in different ways. The system is available as a web application for widely distributed networks of workstations or agencies, or for central office local networks. UniFolder guides the operator in creating new files, collating together contracts, documents and attachments received from a network, from scanners connected to workstations or from networked multi-function printers. In completing each folder, the operator is guided by UniFolder’s workflow system, which can distinguish between mandatory and optional documents, ensuring that documents requiring a signature are signed (in writing, graphometrically using a signature tablet, or by applying a qualified digital signature) and, once it is completed, archiving and transferring the folder to the main archiving system. For documents where a signature is required, UniFolder uses the UNIMATICA-RGI (Uniserv) platform. The same document can be signed using all the methods allowed under current legislation (for example, a contract can be signed by the client, and other possible signatories, using a graphometric signature, while the operator can include a qualified or remote digital signature and the company can add its management signature automatically and/or in bulk). The folder configuration will guide the operator through each step and, depending on what the company prefers, incomplete folders can be archived and transferred to the main archiving system at a later stage, even after being signed.