UniSmart - Virtual Desk

Your virtual desk to safely work with clients

Unismart allows the operator and the user to share a “virtual desk” for remote collaboration. Thanks to our platform, the company / public administration can remotely conclude transactions with the customer / citizen that previously required a face-to-face meeting between the parties.

The solution allows you to plan and activate, on request, an audio-video session between the parties which, if necessary, can also be used for the video-identification process necessary for releasing the advanced electronic signature if the user does not have a qualified electronic signature.

Thanks to UniSmart, the user connects with a browser directly to the service provider portal to request a service or define a contract  without having to install applications on their devices. In this way, the company / public administration can provide support, formalize contracts, maintain the continuity of the relationship with customers even without meeting them physically and in absolute safety and comfort for both parties.

Through Unismart, the customer  also has the option of paying any due amount  directly from the same remote collaboration platform used for signing documents.

Everything that is managed on Unismart remains available to the customer directly on the "shared virtual desk" and can be stored in accordance with the law to further guarantee its legal validity over time.

Key features

The application, through a simple and intuitive web interface, makes available a shared space between manager and customer, which allows:

  • remote video identification that allows you to identify anonymous users to enable them to authenticate services and electronic signature, directly from the web browser
  • sharing by the provider of documents in any format, with immediate notification by email or sms to the customer
  • signing of documents with any kind of digital signature recognized by law  by n signatories (provider, customer, co-signatories)
  • Legal archiving of digital documents (or folders in  case of multiple documents) according to the law, while keeping them in the cloud area which can always be consulted by both providers and customers
  • Automatic notifications, via email or sms, of the performed activities
  • Video calls, managed from an online agenda, via an integrated platform of remote collaboration services: (Video-chat, document sharing, interview recording)
  • Payment of any due amount  by credit card or, in  case of a public administration, with the integrated PagoPa service


Visit the showcase site https://unismart.unimaticaspa.it/

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