Universities and PA

Universities and Public Administration

The suitable partner to start renovating Public Authorities.

A complete range of ICT products and services for the digital administration of Universities and Public Authorities. Public Administrators can take advantage of organizational, technical and regulatory experience to implement solutions required by the new digital administration code in a fast and effective way. 

Solutions and services are immediately available to Local Authorities (Councils, Provinces, Regions, Local Health Authorities, public sector operations and Companies, etc.) and to central Public Administration Authorities: 

  • Management of IT orders (mandates and receipts) in relations with the treasurer
  • Integrated Management of revenues and cash-flow,
  • Digitization of administrative documents and of the file of expenses
  • Filing and storage of digital documents for authentication and replacement purposes
  • Digital signature application to document workflow and to authorization processes
  • User authentication (also federated) and security of on-line transactions
  • Solutions based on Certified Email such as: notifications to attend, reports, etc.

Solutions and services that are immediately available to universities: 

  • Telematic recording of exams with digital signature
  • Telematic lesson registry
  • Booking of exams
  • Graduation Exams
  • Telematic enrolment
  • Dematerialization of administration documents (view list above)