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    Leader in Italy for digital signature applications the legal archiving
    compliant storage of digital documents and payment systems

Insieme agli Enti pubblici nel viaggio verso la digitalizzazione.

Dalla compilazione della richiesta di finanziamento alla realizzazione del progetto.

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Diagnostic Image Preservation

At the end of the diagnostic examination, from the PACS images and reports are sent for legal archiving via a secure network connection.
From the preservation portal, the patient can retrieve images and reports at any time.

One Shot e-sign

The new One Shot Digital Signature Service allows the signer the remote use of the digital certificate valid for a single use and with a limited duration in time, for the purpose of signing documents with full legal validity.

It can also be obtained by using Digital Identity authentication as the recognition system.


Portal and Services

We are ready to be your end-to-end partner in this challenge!

Our modular solution will enable you to improve your relationship with citizens and businesses in the area. PratiCo, our Citizen Portal, includes secure authentication via SPID and CIE, multichannel notifications with AppIO, electronic signature, and the ability to pay easily with pagoPA.

Our offer also ensures that the municipality can take advantage, in a transparent manner, of a certified Legal Archiving system, in which they can converge documents related to all management processes.

Digital market players

Unimatica-RGI wants to be a key player in digital transformation through the creation and evolution of innovative digital services.

Full digital services and ready for the Cloud and Europe.

Unimatica's Suite of Services is for public administrations, insurance intermediaries, banks, companies, and professionals and facilitates the digitization of processes, archiving, and delivery of trust services that comply with European regulations.

Partnerships and clients throughout Europe
  • 4,700 public administrations 
  • 70,000 private companies
  • 120 brokers
  • 20 insurance companies
  • 12 banks
  • ISO9001:2015 ISO/IEC27001:2013 ISO/IEC27017,27018 - Quality System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental certification
  • ISO 37001:2016 Anticorruption Management
  • AGID Qualifications (CSP, SaaS, SPID)
  • AGCM Legality Rating ***
Documents Stored 2023
E-signatures 2023
E-payments 2023


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