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Multi-channel and Multi-bank electronic payments for Public and Private Companies

La sicurezza e la user experSecurity and user experience are the keys to a good electronic payment solution.

UNIPAY is a multichannel platform for electronic collections and payments.

Through the platform, the payment transaction is fully integrated with the business application, both for service call and outcomes management.

Multicanale: allows the creditor company to collect the amount through all the payment methods that the banking system and current regulations make available, taking advantage of the highest levels of "circularity" that can be used today.

Multibanca: allows the company to use multiple banking accounts simultaneously and to free itself from a single acquiring system (e.g., virtual pos). The company can change its bank of reference transparently with respect to the management applications and services it provides.

PagoPA complements the services exposed above those peculiar to the efficient interaction with the of the SPC Payments Node for Public Administration.


 Main channels that can be used through UniPay:: 

  • SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) collections
  • Virtual POS payments in e-commerce mode (Credit Cards, Rechargeable Cards, Wallet, MyBank, etc.).
  • Outgoing payments via MyBank SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer)
  • PagoPa

The solution is natively integrated with regulation-compliant storage of all electronic documents related to the settlement, reimbursement and payment processes.

The platform consists of two separate software modules:

UNIPAY – Server component that governs the issuance of collections and payment workflow with management of accounts payable positions and reconciliations of the paid from bank outcomes

UNIPAY MOBILE – Client component that acquires requests from the domain Apps and talks to the server system to complete the payment workflow



  • Single debtor position management
  • Ability to perform automatic clearing and accounting when the amount paid or multiple collections are to be subsequently allocated among multiple business units (e.g., commissions, fees, presales, etc.)
  • The platform is constantly being expanded with the introduction of new payment instruments and methods that technology and banking regulations make available
  • The platform is invokable by all applications with commonly shared telematics modes and protocols (e.g., Web Services).
  • System control and supervision console available as Web app
  • Automatic reconciliation and reconciliation
  • PagoPa node for Public Administration

Strong authentication tools such as digital signature, FEA OTP, SPID and CIE can be added in aid of payments

The solution is natively integrated with digital legal archiving of all electronic documents related to the clearing, reimbursement and payment processes


Using «Pay by link» the payment can be made in real time or in deferred mode. The customer is notified (via email or SMS or push notification) of a special preauthorized link, which the user exercises when he or she wants, within the agreed period of time