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Your virtual desk to safely work with clients

The UNISMART tool provides the tools needed to conduct a remote negotiation or securely identify a new customer: self adaptive, for any browser and without installation, video compliant identification (video ordering, biometric verification, electronic signature and payment).

Unismart allows the operator and user to share a "virtual desk" for remote collaboration. Thanks to our platform, the company/entity can remotely conclude transactions with the customer/citizen that previously required a de visu meeting between the parties.

The solution makes it possible to plan and activate, on demand, an audio-video session between the parties, which, if necessary, can also be used for the video-identification process necessary for the enrollement of advanced electronic signatures in case the user has no digital signature.

Thanks to  UniSmart the customer connects to the Company's portal to request services or the definition of a claim, all without having to install applications on their mobile device or Computer. He can dialogue virtually in a certified and structured way with the operator without going to the office.

The Client connects to your virtual desk to request its services or the settlement of a claim/contract or payment of any amounts due.


With UniSmart you have the option of giving support, formalizing contracts, maintaining the continuity of the relationship with your clients even without the need to meet with them physically, and in absolute safety and convenience for both parties.The operator, authorized by the client, will be able to record and archive in accordance with the law with legal value: identification, personal documents, video negotiation, medical consultation and the documentation necessary for the generation of the dossier.

Everything managed on Unismart remains available to you and to the end user directly on the "shared digital desk" and can be stored in accordance with regulations to further ensure its legal validity over time.

Currently the UniSmart product is multilingual, the supported languages are: English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian.

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    The application, through a simple and intuitive web interface, makes available a shared space between company and client, which allows:
  • Remote video-identification that allows recognizing anonymous users on the web to enable them for authenticated services and electronic signature, directly from the web browser
  • Sharing by the manager of documents of any format, with immediate email or SMS notification to the customer
  • Signing of documents by digital signature and/or advanced electronic signature of N signatories (company, customer, co-owners, etc.)
  • Standard archiving of digital documents (or files in the case of multiple documents), and maintenance of the same in the cloud area that can always be consulted by both company and clients
  • Automatic notifications, via email or text message, of activities performed
  • Immediate video calls, or organized via an online agenda that you can customize, through an integrated platform of remote collaboration services: (Video-chat, document sharing, interview recording)
  • Payment of any amounts owed by the client by credit card or, in the case of a Public Entity, by integrated PagoPa service
  • Online chat to respond with online operator and/or pre-recorded FAQs

Integral Recording of telephone conversations and electronic communications made with its customers and sending them for regulation-compliant archiving allows the UniSvid solution to comply with current regulations in terms of remote communications, even in the case of customer-initiated communication.

In the insurance field, it responds positively to Ivass regulations, which oblige the recording and regulation-compliant storage of all video negotiations made with customers.

UniSvid, during the video session, allows the exchange of documents between the parties involved in the video call. The system can also automatically create a record with a summary of the data from the video session. The service can also automatically send documents to the legal archiving system at the time the video call is closed, as well as to the Company's DMS.

The company can make the customer communication channel its own through the ability to use a personalized name and logo.

Studios and Companies that decide to integrate the UniSmart solution will have a completely personal, private and secure channel through which to interact, assist and advise their clients, thus improving not only their processes but also their corporate image, showing themselves to be reliable and believable to their clients and caring for their needs.

The UniSmart platform is complemented by the Unimatica Collaboration Tool, which includes the following services that can be integrated on any third-party application:

  • Agenda Appointments
  • Chat