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Videocollaboration Platform

UNISVID provides the tools needed to conduct a remote negotiation or securely identify a new customer: self adaptive, for any browser or mobile device, without installation, video compliant identification (video ordering, biometric verification, electronic signature and payment).

UNISVID is an integrated platform of remote collaboration services: video-chat, document exchange, certified interview recording, application sharing.

UNISVID also provides video-identification services that allow recognizing anonymous users on the Web. The platform implements procedures

of remote identification and offers functions that guide the operator through the correct process, while producing structured documentation of contacts that is archived in a data repository.

Structured documentation of contacts that is archived according to standards (video recording, identification report).


UNISVID can be used from both desktop PCs and mobile devices (smart-phones or tablets).

No local application is required to use UNISVID. The platform uses web-only video technologies, and collaboration takes place within the browser.

UNISVID is a service that:

  • integrates very simply with customer applications that activate video chat sessions ("chat rooms") via WS API and obtain links to be made available to the operator and the end customer,
  • works "side-by-side" with client applications to enable normal operations by replacing in-person dialogue with video chat,
  • guides the conversation in specific configurable and customizable "scenarios."
  • with collaboration scenarios creates guided processes that collect and produce documents and data, returned to the core applications with contextual dialogue on the WS API.


  • Appointment management with shared agenda (creating and managing a session)
  • Screen sharing 
  • File transmission between client and operator: upload and download of documents
  • Scripted wizards that can be customized for operator use 
  • Audio and/or video recording
  • Automatic generation of video-identification and negotiation report 
  • Regulation-compliant archiving of video-identification and negotiation recordings and related minutes 
  • Telephone recording via any device (landline, cell phone)
  • Guided self-service identification by client, with photo/video upload and recording

Integral Recording of telephone conversations and electronic communications made with its customers and sending them for regulation-compliant storage allows the UniSvid solution to comply with current regulations in terms of remote communications, even in the case of customer-initiated communication.

In the insurance market, it responds positively to Ivass regulations, which oblige the recording and regulation-compliant storage of all video negotiations made with customers.

UniSvid, during the video session, allows the exchange of documents between the parties involved in the video call. The system can also automatically create a transcript with a summary of the data from the video session. The service can also automatically send documents to the archiving system at the time the video call is closed, as well as to the Company's DMS.

The company can make the customer communication channel its own through the ability to use a personalized name and logo.

Offices and Companies that decide to integrate the UniSvid video communication solution will have a completely personal, private and secure channel through which they can interact, assist and advise their clients, thus improving not only their processes but also their corporate image, showing themselves to be reliable and credible towards their clients and careful to their needs.

The UniSvid platform is complemented by the Unimatica Collaboration Tool, which includes the following services that can be integrated on any third-party application:

  • Agenda Appointments
  • Chat