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UNIMATICA is a joint-stock company founded in 2000 as a partnership between the Logital S.p.A. Group and the University of Bologna. 

As of December 2023 Unimatica became part of Namirial Group, a multinational company that provides software solutions and Digital Trust Services for the digitization of companies, private and public administration entities.

The company’s mission is to develop IT applications and provide digital administration services, based on digital signature security and dematerialisation, by means of regulation-compliant file archiving and storage. 
Ours applications and services are all web-based and guarantee security thanks to an appropriate use of electronic signatures and the most sophisticated methods for the authentication and security of Internet transactions.

Unimatica is an Italian leader in the provision of digital administration services for public administrations, banks and private corporations. Ours products and services for paper-less processes and organisation use legally-valid, qualified signature certificates (issued and renewed by various Italian Certification Authorities). 

Unimatica's solutions make it possible to eliminate paper documents at source, for the direct management of electronic files and records.  For documents existing in a paper format, we provide digitalisation, archiving and regulation-compliant storage services, pursuant to applicable regulations.  All the software is engineered using web-based architecture and provides outsourcing and ASP/SaaS (Application Services Provisioning) services.

The main systems created and delivered are:

  • Regulation-compliant filing and storage of documents
  • dematerialisation of invoices and expense procedures
  • Electronic invoice management
  • Storage of replacement hospital reports, prescriptions, medical records and health charts
  • Computerised payment order systems
  • Archiving facilities
  • Digital signature services
  • Digital administration services for public administrations, local health authorities and universities